About Me


Josh is a singing Mobile & Web Technologist interested in Web Application Performance and Optimization, who is also certified as a professional singer in Korean Entertainment Art Association.

He loves to make things to increase productivity in people’s daily routine. During his free time, he loves to record a music with his own vocal, to translate technical documents and to go out exploring the world.


POSCO ICT Solution Portal Progressive Web App, 2016 July – 2017 Jan
POSCO Mobile E-Learning Application, 2016 Jan - 2016 June
Smart Factory Wearable Web Monitoring System, 2015 Sep - 2015 Nov
Solar Power Panel Monitoring Mobile Application, 2015 May - 2015 July
Hybrid Application Development Framework, 2014 Mar - 2015 Apr
POSCO Web-based Business Platform, 2013 June - 2013 Oct
Upwardly Global Reporting Process Automation, 2012 June - 2013 Jan

Personal Projects

Google Web Fundamental, Open Source Contributor
Google HTML5Rocks, Open Source Contributor
Mozilla Developer Network, Open Source Contributor
Real-time Vote Application, Software Engineer
POSCO Reporting Process Automation, Software Engineer


The Best Professional Technical Trainer at POSCO ICT, 2017
The Korea Software Technology Award at KOSTA, 2014


Google Developer Group Web Technology, Organizer
9XD, Staff Member


Vue.js 초급 강의(온라인), Vue.js 중급 강의(온라인), Webpack 강의(온라인)

Implementing Progressive Web App using Vue.js, Fast Campus, 2018 Jan - 2018 Aug
Easy to learn Webpack, Inflearn, 2017 Oct -
Learn Vue.js - Crack it within 3 hours, Inflearn, 2017 Sep -
Web Application Project Camp for Front-End Developers #2, Fast Campus, 2017 Sep - 2017 Nov
Web Application Project Camp for Front-End Developers #1, Fast Campus, 2017 May - 2017 July
Hybrid App Development Class, POSCO ICT, 2015 Feb - 2017


Do it! Vue.js 입문

Do it! Vue.js book, EasysPublishing, Jan 27, 2018
ES6 for Vue.js beginners, e-book, June 17, 2018


Contact me if you have any questions.